VIBRANT GLAMOUR hyaluronic acid essence provides:

Skin Care and Repair

Skin Whitening

Shrink Pores 

It's Anti-aging Serum

Main components Water , butanediol,soybean amino acid,palmitoyl hexapeptide-12trehalose,malt oligosaccharide,sodium hyaluronate,paeonia suffruticosa root extract,potassium sorbate, hydoxybenzoate

Product Efficacy:  Each drop of essence snoothes, rejuvenates your kin and enhances your skin barriers, the product contains most effective moisturizing agent and helps to replenish the moisture of the skin and helps to moisture dry and rough skin, to rejuvenate , moisture,and nourish and lift the skin while making it firm

Skin Types: Suitable for various skin types


Hyaluronic Acid

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