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Our Specials - Passport to Pretty!

Four Non-Invasive buttocks Lifting Treatments with Vacuum Therapy - $28 per session

Traditional Microneedling - $83 (reg. $115)

Buttocks lift with vacuum (12-13 sessions are recommended)

1 session $29 (reg. price $45)

12 sessions - $336 (reg. price $540). Each session includes 10 minutes pre-lifting and 30 minutes fixed cups (cash buyers 12 sessions for $ 300)

12 sessions for 30 minutes fix cups only without pre-lifting - $252 (for cash buyers $228)

Add shoulder vacuum cups for fuller relaxation and tension reduction for $15 (for cash buyers $10)

Friends/couple  discount - bring a dear one with you and both of you will get a session for $15 per person (fixed cups only) - 30 minutes

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You are Beautiful! Own it and Enjoy it! Here are Our Specials For New You!

1. Rejuvenate Yourself Both Mentally and Physically with our thermogenic therapy!

Each 40 minutes session comes with a cool collagen facial mask!

Try it for $20 per session or 4 sessions for $70

2. Vaginal Tightening with ThermiVa - exceptional deal for a limited time only -$50 off! 

Cash buyer save additional 10% off


1 session - $300 (15 minutes treatment); $550 (30 minutes each session)

3 sessions - $850 (15 minutes each treatment); $1700 (30 minutes each session)

3. Cellulite Reduction with Smart Wave (also known as Shock wave therapy) - for upper back legs and buttocks:


8 sessions for $800 ($100 per two areas; regular price $200 per one area)

First initial payment $240 and 7 payments of $80 or pay in full.

Bellow is a picture  before and after 8 sessions (twice per week)


4. Packages for ED Prevention or Treatment in Natural and Safe Ways


Sessions twice per week are suggested. Total of 6-12 treatments are required for positive results. The break between two 6 session treatments is allowed up to three weeks. According to multiple studies, more than 70% of people will benefit from the treatments.

For better and faster results, during treatment courses intake of P-Gain Rx herbal supplements is suggested to improve the neovascularization of the penis (P-Gain Rx is $15 or two for $10 each  if purchased with the treatment (reg price $25)


Session plans for 6 treatments:

  1. 1 session everyday for 6 days OR

  2. 3 sessions per week for 2 weeks OR

  3. 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks

Package - $480 (regular price $600) for 6 sessions

First initial payment $180 and 5 payments of $60

Includes: Smart Wave Therapy

Buy 6 services at the regular price, get 1 free.

Buy 10 services at the regular price, get 3 free.

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Lose Weight, Flush Toxins, and Improve Your Look Naturally With the #1 Longevity & Vitality supplements - 10% off regular price (reg. price $35)

One "Treatment Area" is up to 8.5 x 11 inches, which is the size of a standard piece of paper. Any region that requires bilateral treatment (i.e. outer thighs, etc.), would be considered as 1.5 - 2 Treatment Areas.

Abdomen - 1 Treatment Area (larger abdomen may be more than one area)
Arms - 2 Treatment Area
Flanks / Lovehandles / Muffin Top - 2 Treatment Areas
Midback / Brafat - 1 Treatment Area (larger midback may be more than one area)
Outer Thighs (also referred to as saddle bags) - 2 Treatment Areas
Inner Thighs - 2 Treatment Areas
Back of the Thighs (under the buttocks) - 2 Treatment Areas
Front of the Thighs - 2 Treatment Areas
Buttocks - 2 Treatment Areas
Knees - 1.5 Treatment Areas

Total of 6-12 treatments are required for positive results.