The Mint Look offers a variety of unique and scientifically-proven services that help our customers stay healthy, sexy, confident, and happy for years to come. Our services include:
1. Ultrasonic Cavitation
​2. Radiofrequency for skin lifting and wrinkle reduction
​3. Buttocks Lifting and Toning with Vacuum Therapy
4. Vacuum Therapy

​5. The Bodyforming Gym or Electro Muscle Stimulation

6. Bedazzling (pubic area, or area of your choice, decoration with a crystal temporary tattoo)

​7. Goodies For Skin
​If you are searching for organic, odorless, high-quality, reasonably-priced, and made-in-the-USA creams that will provide you with a radiant, smooth, and youthful glow, we have choices for you. Stop by at The Mint Look - VIP Health Spa. The price range is $3 - $20.
8. Calorie Intake Analysis
​The Mint Look provides a weight and calorie intake analysis* , and it is complimentary to our guests. The combination of diet, exercise, and our bodyforming methods will help you reach your slimming goals in as soon as 4 weeks.


The table below will help you target your calorie intake and meal portions, depending on your weight. If you need help with calculations, just simply send us an e-mail or stop by at our boutique. If you want to purchase portions containers, they are available at our location for $10 per set.